COVID-19 and the Two Americas

I believe that one of the largest effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on America is the unintended marginalization of the poor and the working class. And unfortunately, many people in America are completely ignorant and unaware. The poor are simply not on their radars. But the church cannot fall into the same lethargy and apathy. The church is called to love the poor.

Biblical Manhood Defies Cultural Boundaries

What does biblical manhood look like? And how does biblical manhood defy modern cultural narratives? I’ll be making three points.

1. Biblical manhood defies cultural narratives because it assumes distinct gender roles
2. Biblical manhood defies cultural narratives because it embodies stereotypically feminine qualities
3. Biblical manhood defies cultural narratives because it is personified in Jesus


Groups are often more extreme than individuals. Individuals, on their own, are much more nuanced. They are a mixture of values and opinions. They are, in a word, balanced. However, when many individuals come together for a cause, then they start to become less nuanced. They start to clearly define specific values and opinions, and they start to draw lines and boundaries. They start to classify certain people as good guys and other people as bad guys. They start to lose their balanced nature and become extreme. And over time, if that group becomes too extreme, then some individuals will realize that they do not fit in anymore, and they will leave.

Why Ethnic Minorities Reacted So Negatively to Mike Pence at the SBC

I am a SBC pastor who is an ethnic minority. I am only one voice, so I cannot represent all ethnic minorities in the SBC. However, I thought I would offer my take on the situation in the hope that more people will understand where we come from. Here are a few things to know about ethnic minorities in predominantly white denominations, and how it affects our reaction to what happened at the SBC Annual Meeting.