Ever since middle school, writing and recording music has been one my life’s greatest passions. I have spent probably thousands of hours writing and recording music. I like to experiment a lot, but generally I would classify my music as indie rock. Check out my Bandcamp page to hear some of my songs.

Currently I’m working on some piano/vocals songs in a project called The Journey to Wholeness. This is my attempt to document and process various difficult things that I’ve experienced over the past few years. Check them out below.

If you happen to have a LOT of free time, you can check out this Google Drive folder, where I have about 75 recorded songs available for free download. Warning: Some of these songs are not very good. Lyrics can be found in this Word document. In the file names, I note the date when I finished recording/editing the song as well as some bracketed notes.

Here’s what all the brackets mean.

[ft …] = This features people besides me.

[rough] = This was recorded in one unedited take, and I/we probably mess up a few times.

[cover] = I did not write this song.

[inst] = This song does not have vocals.

[improv] = I improvised this song during the recording.

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